Grow your own groceries.

10 Apr

It’s a pretty simple concept that a lot of people forget about…

You can grow your own food!

Think you don’t have enough space? Start with a flower box in your window.

Think you won’t be “good” at it? Just give it a shot anyway! Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Elizabeth Dowler noted in her article, “‘Doing food differently’: reconnecting biological and social relationships through care for food” in The Editorial Board of the Sociological Review, that “A marked feature of the modern global food system is its divorcing of foodstuffs from the biological: increasingly, food is an industrialized product of global capitalism.”

Without getting political here, I think a great point Dowler brings up is that so much of the food we consume today is incredibly industrialized and processed. One way to combat that effect of our food system is to start growing your own groceries, i.e. gardening.

Yes, gardening.

It’s a really simple measure that can really have add big benefit to your wallet. By buying seeds and putting in a little elbow grease and some TLC, you can have your very own produce section right in your back yard for a very reasonable monetary price and a very short commute to get fresh veggies.

With spring already here, and the chillier days finally subsiding, there’s no time like the present to get started on that garden for the summer.

Here is a great website to help get you started:

For more information about the information I cited, please click the link below. Feel free to stop on by my “Resources” page as well to see what other articles I use to formulate my posts.

National Gardening Association


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