Pledge to always buy one organic item, and stick to it.

13 Apr

My mom started with meat.

After she saw the film Food, Inc. my mom pledge to never buy conventionally produced meat ever again. And she has honestly stuck to it.

Doing this, she realizes that she will have to cut certain things out of her grocery store budget, but she feels as though she is gaining more by buying a better product for more money, then spending less money on higher quantities of not-so-good product.

Practicing this method is indeed helpful when budgeting to buy food. When you pledge to buy just one organic item, whether it be meat, milk, fruits/veggies, or even your favorite snack, it forces you to realize the importance of your food choice. And being mindful of your eating is also a great skill to have.

If you make it non-negotiable it will soon become apart of your routine, and eventually you will become desensitized to the initial sting of the higher price of that one product.

And maybe that extra $2.00 you spend on the organic product can help you cut out junk foods you would normally use that money to buy.

Challenge yourself to do it! I believe in you.

To get started, check out the The Food Trust website, for great ideas on where to start.

And on that note, have a great, healthy, happy weekend everybody!


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