Composting: step one in growing your organic garden

24 Apr

Summer is quickly approaching, and that means more fruits and veggies readily available to buy and snack on.

Veggies and fruits are a cornerstone on the plate of an individual who tries to eat a balanced diet. However, what many people don’t realize is that the scraps and rinds of these fruits and vegetables are also the backbone for a rich, nutrient dense compost.

Composting is great in the sense that it is a great fertilizer for your garden in your backyard, without the use of chemical fertilizers, which is great if you’re wanting to grow an organic garden.

Composting is also great for your wallet because it is relatively inexpensive to start and to maintain. It also can drastically reduce your waste production. And if you’re from a town where I’m from, where you have to pay for each bag of trash you put out on the side of the road every week– reduction is key.

The Environmental Protection Agency has a great website that can help get you started.

See if you can make it into a game for you and your family to see who can compost the most. Have fun with it! Try and make it one of your goals this summer.

And remember, a rind is a terrible thing to waste.



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