Use your dollar as a ballot.

25 Apr

The other day when the cashier at at a little coffee shop in town handed me back my change, I looked down and saw that one of the dollars she handed back to me had a little inscription on it in black permanent marker.

It read:

I’m a piece of paper, and I own your soul.

All-in-all, I thought that little of paper was being just a little bit dramatic. I’m just trying to enjoy my piping hot latte over here, and then I look down and these overbearing, cynical words are glaring back at me.

Althoughit did get me thinking…

Money does render a lot of power. No matter how much you have or don’t have, whatever you do have, does give you some clout in this world we live in.

And as the conscientious, healthy, well-minded person I know you are — I know that you want to see that dollar used for good, not evil. (Okay, evil was a bit dramatic — but if the dollar can be a little dramatic, I figure I can be a little bit dramatic too…but you get my point.)

I know spending extra money on good, quality, organic/sustainably produced food can sometimes be a chore, and definitely a burden at times. But try and reframe your thinking into that your dollar is your vote to what you want to see the food industry become.

If people use their dollar as a vote to show the market the kinds of products they are willing to spend their hard earned dollar on, I know for a fact that eventually the prices of those items will come down as the demand goes up.

Slow Food USA is a big supporter of this idea, and their website is definitely worth checking out if you’re not completely sold on this whole idea.

Don’t let that little piece of paper own your soul, use it to direct where you want to see this world go.


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