About the Author

Hi again, it’s me, Kendra…

I’m a student at the University of New Hampshire in Durham and anticipate graduating in the Spring of 2014. I’m currently pursuing my Bachelors of Science in Nutrition with a dual degree in EcoGastronomy.

I grew up in Concord, NH with my mom, my older sister and my delightfully overweight Golden Retriever, Maggie.

I grew up active. I was always running off to some sports practice, game, training, tryout — you name it. For that, I am incredibly grateful, for in college I have maintained a level of activity that, for the most part, mirrors my level of activity of when I was growing up at home.

Being active has made me want to continue to lead a healthy lifestyle, hence why I got into the field of Nutrition.

Although, being healthy isn’t always the easiest, or the most affordable route to take in life, and living on my own has really proven that point to me.

And that is where the inception of this blog lays; in the fact that many of us are in the same boat I’m in: busy, on a budget, and looking to make the right food choices everyday.

So, with that in mind I welcome you to my blog, and hope I can offer some nuggets of wisdom on how to eat green for the earth, while also saving some green in your wallet.

Many thanks for stopping by! Enjoy.


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